Argentina advanced to the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 after defeating the Netherlands in the penalty shootout.

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After regulation and overtime play ended with the score level at 2-2, the quarterfinal round of the FIFA World Cup 2022 was decided by a penalty shootout between Argentina and the Netherlands. Argentina emerged victorious. Due to the fact that the losing team will be knocked out of the World Cup tournament, this match was of the utmost importance for both sides. To advance to the semifinals, one needs to win the match they are currently playing in. The contest between these two teams took place at the Lusail Stadium on the 10th of December, Saturday, at 1.00 am. The stadium was jam-packed with fans of both sides, but it was a disappointment for the Netherlands and their fans as their team was knocked out of the World Cup after losing this game. On the other side, Argentine supporters were overjoyed to learn that their team had prevailed over the opposition and advanced to the semifinals of the competition.

Argentina celebrated their victory in front of the faces of the Dutch.

This battle between these two teams was a lot of fun to watch because of how competitive it was. From the very beginning of the game, Argentina shown an impressive ability to score goals. Argentina scored their first goal in the first half, and their second goal in the second half of the match. Argentina jumped out to an early lead on the scoreboard with a 2-0 advantage, but the Netherlands quickly caught up and began to close the gap. They scored two goals in the very closing minutes of the game, which were highly vital moments of the contest, and they tied the score. After the first 90 minutes of play and the additional 30 minutes of overtime, there was still no goal scored, so the game moved on to the tiebreakers.

This game featured a significant amount of physical conflict between players. Both of these squads were exchanging some harsh words with one another. During the course of this match, Netherlands had control of the ball 52% of the time, while Argentina had possession of the ball 48% of the time. The Netherlands completed 83% of their pass efforts successfully and had 634 total pass attempts. They also had 2 corner kicks. On the other hand, Argentina completed 602 passes, had an accuracy rate of 82% with their passes, and was awarded 8 corner kicks. This game included a significant number of infractions all throughout its duration. This match featured a total of 48 fouls, with the Netherlands being responsible for 30 of them and Argentina being responsible for 18 of them. This match also featured a significant number of players receiving yellow cards for their actions. The Netherlands were given six yellow cards, while Argentina was given eight yellow cards.

In this match, the Netherlands performed admirably in all facets of the game, including passes and possession, and they matched Argentina’s level of play throughout the match. In this competition, neither team is giving the other any chance of winning. As a direct consequence of the way they played, the match went to a penalty shootout in order to determine who would emerge victorious.

The Netherlands scored two goals, while Argentina scored two goals, for a total of four goals scored in this match. The South American team, Argentina, went on the offensive right from the outset of the game. As a direct consequence of this, Nahuel Molina scored an outstanding goal for Argentina at the 35-minute mark of the match with assistance from Lionel Messi. Argentina took a one point lead heading into the break with the score being at 1-0 in their favor.

During the second half of the game, both teams made strong efforts to score goals. At the 71st minute mark of the game, Netherlands committed a foul inside their own penalty area. As a direct consequence of that foul, the referee awarded Argentina a penalty kick. Lionel Messi scored a goal for Argentina after taking the penalty kick that was awarded to him. At that point in time, the score was at 2-0.

The Netherlands were under significant amounts of pressure but continued to play aggressively in an attempt to get a goal. Wout Weghorst scored a wonderful goal with his head during the 83rd minute of the game, which was the very last moment of the game. The game ended with a score of 2-1 after 90 minutes had been played. Wout Weghorst scored once more in the extra time after 90 minutes of play, at the 90+11 minute mark of the game, to even up the scores. Even after the first 90 minutes had passed, the Netherlands did not completely give up hope.

Lionel Messi ran to celebrate their win with D. Martinez.

After the first 90 minutes were up, an additional 30 minutes were played, but neither team was able to score a goal to take the lead and win the match. In spite of the fact that both teams gave it their all in an attempt to score, nothing fruitful came of it. On the pitch, there was a large number of fighting that took place. Both of the teams were in a tense situation at that point. After the additional 30 minutes had been completed, the score remained 2-2, and the game moved on to the tiebreaker round to see who would emerge victorious. Denzel Dumfries from Netherlands got red card for his aggressive play and foul he did against Argentina.

D. Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, was instrumental in the country’s eventual success in the penalty shootout. He prevented the first two penalties from being scored, and he guided his team to the semifinals. Argentina was successful in scoring on their first three penalty kicks, but they were unsuccessful on their fourth attempt. The fourth penalty was going outside the post and missing its intended direction. The Netherlands were successful in scoring the rest of the penalty, but this did not help them advance because Argentina was successful in scoring the fifth penalty and won the quarterfinals with a lead of 4-3. They achieved success and brought smiles to the faces of all of their followers by advancing to the semifinals.

The match between Argentina and Croatia for a spot in the FIFA World Cup 2022 semifinals will take place at the Lusail Stadium on Wednesday, December 14, at 1:00 am local time.

Netherlands vs Argentina

1st Half

2nd Half Extra 30 Minutes Full Time


0 2 0


Argentina 1 1 0




Nahuel Molina – (Argentina) – 35’

Lionel Messi – (Argentina) – 73’ (Penalty)

Wout Weghorst – (Netherlands) – 83’ , 90+11’

Denzel Dumfries – (Netherlands) – 128’ (Red Card)

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