Argentina defeated Poland by a score of 2-0 in their third match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Argentina has just completed their dominant performance against Poland, which resulted in a score of 2-0 in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022. On Thursday, 1 December at 1.00 am, the competition was held in the Stadium 974 – Ras Abu Aboud. The outcome of the match was decidedly unbalanced notwithstanding the absence of any discernible cause. Poland did not stand a chance of winning against such a formidable rival as Argentina. It was a sad setback for Poland and their supporters since their team was lost in a manner that was extremely humiliating, and the stadium was crowded with people from both countries. The shout of Argentina’s supporters could be heard throughout the entire stadium, and it is clear that they take great pride in seeing their team dominate the competition. Wojciech Szczesny was the lone player for Poland who put in a fantastic performance today. He prevented a number of goals from being scored, including one that was a penalty. Because the other players on Poland’s team did not perform very well in front of Argentina, it appeared as though Wojciech Szczesny was the only one who played for Poland. The fact that Poland’s star player and captain, Robert Lewandowski, was unable to deliver a brilliant performance in today’s match contributed to the country’s disappointing outcome in this contest.

From the very beginning of the match, Argentina was able to completely dominate Poland and keep complete control of the competition. They were able to retain this dominance for the entirety of the competition. Despite the fact that Argentina did not score a goal in the first half of the match, their aggressive play on the field was outstanding. Poland was powerless in the face of the Argentina players and could not accomplish anything. During the course of this match, Argentina maintained control of the ball 74% of the time, whereas Poland only did so 26% of the time. During the course of this game, Argentina had a successful pass completion percentage of 92%, made 867 successful pass attempts, and took 9 corner kicks. On the other side, Poland only managed to complete 317 passes, with a pass accuracy of 77%, and only awarded one corner kick. Argentina was the superior team in every area of the game, and they finished off their dominance by concluding the match with a resounding victory by finishing the contest with a score of 2-0.

This match ended with Argentina scoring both goals, giving them a total of two for the contest. Despite Argentina’s attacking started right from the start of the match, there was no goal scored in the first half. Poland players was in an extremely helpless position because they were unable to provide Poland with any assistance. Although Argentina had a chance to score when they were awarded a penalty shootout after 40 minutes of play, they were unable to capitalize on their opportunity. The first half finished with the score still tied at zero. At the 38 minute mark of the game, Argentina was awarded a contentious penalty after Poland’s goalie committed a foul when he was preventing a goal from being scored. It appears as though he smacked Messi with his hand, but in reality, he was merely trying to save the ball with his hands, and in the process, the ball accidentally hit Messi, causing him to fall down. After seeing the VAR, the referee decided to award Argentina a penalty kick. Lionel Messi stepped up to take the shot, but Poland’s Wojciech Szczny made a spectacular save.

The team celebration just started.

In the second half, both of the Argentina’s goals were put in the net. Alexis Mac Allister scored the game’s first goal right as the second half was beginning to play. The game had been going on for 46 minutes when he finally broke the deadlock with a goal. He scored an outstanding goal in those situation. Julian Alvarez scored the final goal of the game for Argentina when the game was 67 minutes old. This goal proved to be the game-winning goal. Argentina came out on top with a score of 2-0 after the completion of the match. With this victory, Argentina racked up three points toward their overall total. At this stage, it was almost certain that Argentina would advance to the second round of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with the most points in the point table for group C.

After completing all three of their matches, Argentina has climbed to the top of the point table for Group C, where they now hold the lead with 6 points. They were victorious in two of the three matches but were defeated in one. Poland, on the other side, is now in second place in the point table after three matches, where they have a total of four points after winning one match, drawing one match, and losing one match. After playing three matches, Mexico has accumulated a total of four points, placing them in third place in the point table. Of those matches, Mexico has won one, tied one, and lost one.

In the second round of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Argentina will compete against Australia on Sunday, December 4 at 1:00 am local time.

Argentina vs Poland

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 2 2
Poland 0 0




Alexis Mac Allister – (Argentina) – 46’

Julian Alvarez – (Argentina) – 67’

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