Arsenal’s dominance over Brentford led to a 3-0 win.

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At the Gtech Community Stadium on Sunday, Arsenal showed their dominance with their best performance and won against Brentford 3-0 in the Premier League. The Gunners gained 3 points in this match, and they are now at the top of the point table of the Premier League with 18 points. Man City, who led the point table, now sit in the second position with 17 points in the Premier League. To lead the point table, Arsenal had to win 6 matches, and they only lost one match in their 7 matches in the Premier League this season.

Arsenal recently finished their dominating performance against Brentford today, which resulted in the team destroying their opponent. They established early control of the game and performed admirably in all facets of competition. The percentage of time Arsenal held possession of the ball during the game was 64%. On the other side, Brentford held possession of the ball for only 36% of the game’s total time. During this match, Arsenal had a completion percentage of 592 percent, a pass accuracy of 85 percent, and three corner kicks granted to them. On the other side, Brentford completed 321 passes, had a pass accuracy of 74%, and was granted 3 corners while competing in this encounter. Arsenal did not provide any opportunities for Brentford to score, but they made the most of every opportunity they were given in this game and scored three goals to win. Brentford did not have any opportunities to score. The final score was 3-0 in Arsenal’s advantage once it was all said and done.

Sunday, September 18th was the day of the match that took place. The encounter was enjoyed by thousands of spectators, many of whom were ecstatic to witness their favorite club emerge victorious. This encounter featured a total of three goals, all of which were scored by the Arsenal team. There were a total of 2 goals scored in the first half of this game, while there was just 1 goal scored in the second half. The performance today by Arsenal’s whole roster was nothing short of spectacular. On the other hand, Arsenal just demolished the Brentford defense and scored goals one after the other. There were no opportunities for Brentford to break through the Arsenal defense. It was a fantastic day for Arsenal and their supporters, but a terrible day for Brentford, as the match was lost in a manner that was extremely embarrassing for them. They lost the match in their own home ground. At the conclusion of the match, the Brentford and their fans faithful expressed a significant amount of dissatisfaction as they departed the arena.

Arsenal showed their dominance from the beginning of the match and secured their goals one by one. The first goal for Arsenal came from Bukayo Saka’s corner kick, which was headed by William Saliba on 17 minutes. After him, Gabriel Jesus scored the second goal at 28 minutes, which also came from head. The Gunners scored 2 goals in the first half of the game and got their third goal in the second half at 49 minutes. This excellent goal was scored by Fabio Vieira, who just made his Premier League debut. He did a dipping shot from 25 yards and helped his team win with a 3-0 goal.


Each of the goals scored in this match was outstanding, and Arsenal’s dominant performance in this match demonstrated that their teamwork is superb in the Premier League this season. During the whole game, each player did their best, which helped their team earn each point in the Premier League.

The Gunners’ next match will be at Emirates Stadium on October 1, Saturday, at 5.30 pm against Tottenham.

Arsenal vs Brentford

1st Half 2nd Half

Full Time


2 1


Brentford 0 0




William Saliba –  (Ars) – 17’ Min

Gabriel Jesus   –  (Ars) –  28’ Min

Fabio Vieira     –  (Ars) –  49’ Min


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