Barcelona trashed Villarreal 3-0 thanks to Robert Lewandowski’s double goal.

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The La Liga match between Barcelona and Villarreal took place on Friday, October 21, at the Camp Nou stadium. Barcelona came out on top, 3-0, over Villarreal. In spite of the fact that they lost their most recent match against Real Madrid, this victory will help them win the La Liga title, provided that they continue to have success in their next fixtures. They finished the encounter with a total of 25 points, thanks in large part to the superb performance and two goals scored by Robert Lewandowski in this particular game, which contributed to their advancement in the La Liga Point Table. Today, Robert Lewandowski scored both the 600th and 601st goals of his career in competitive play for his club and country respectively. He is only the third player in the 21st century to ever reach the career scoring milestone of 600 goals.

Robert Lewandowski reaches the career scoring milestone of 600 goals.

Throughout the entirety of this encounter, Barcelona was in complete control of the game and held a commanding advantage over their opponents Villarreal. Throughout the entirety of the game, they held a possession percentage of 70%, completed 763 passes, and had a pass accuracy percentage of 93%. During the course of this match, they were awarded a total of 8 corners. On the other hand, Villarreal only had 30% control of the ball, and they had 328 passes and 0 corners in this game.

The match’s first half was the only period in which it was possible to score all goals. In the first half, it was exceedingly challenging for Villarreal to defend Barcelona against Barcelona’s attempts to score goals. Robert Lewandowski was responsible for scoring the first two goals, while Ansu Fati was the one who scored the third goal. Lewandowski scored the first goal of the game for Barcelona with 31 minutes on the clock. Lewandowski scored again at 35 minutes into the game, just 4 minutes after he had scored the first goal. The third goal was scored by Ansu Fati 38 minutes after the second goal, which was only 3 minutes after the previous goal. The three goals scored by Barcelona came in quick succession one after the other. At that point, Villarreal was experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction. The scoreboard read 3-0 in Barcelona’s advantage as the first half of the contest came to a close.

There was not a single goal scored by either team throughout the second period of play. Villarreal made a number of attempts to score, but it was impossible for them to do so against the Barcelona team. On the other hand, Barcelona’s supporters anticipate that their team will rack up more goals, but the Villarreal defense played exceptionally well in the second half, making it impossible for Barcelona to score a single goal at that time. The game ended with the score still at 3-0, and Barcelona emerged victorious as a result of the superb effort they displayed throughout the encounter.

Xavi, the coach of Barcelona, expressed his extreme happiness and stated that a victory was essential in this match. As a result of the defeat to Real Madrid 3-1 and the draw against Internazionale at Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou, he was feeling a great deal of frustration.

After finishing their 10 matches with a record of 8 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, Barcelona is currently in the second position in the point table for La Liga. They now have 25 points as a result of their excellent performance after this win. The one game that Barcelona lost was to Real Madrid, who are currently in first place in the La Liga point table with 28 points after finishing their 10 matches. The Real Madrid football team had a record of 9 wins and 1 draw in their 10 matches. Up until this point, they have not suffered a single defeat in any of their matches.

The upcoming La Liga match between Barcelona and Athletic Club will take place at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home stadium, at 1:00 am on Monday, October 24. At the Camp Nou stadium on Thursday, October 27, at one o’clock in the morning, Barcelona will face off against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona vs Villarreal

1st Half

2nd Half

Full Time


3 0 3
Villarrea 0 0



Robert Lewandowski – (Barcelona) – 31′, 35′

Ansu Fati – (Barcelona) – 38′

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