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Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 2-0 in the Champions League.

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In the match for the UEFA Champions League that took place at the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich demonstrated their superior footwork and defeated Barcelona by a score of 2-0. In the first half of the game, no player from either club was able to score. However, in the second half, Bayern’s Lucas Hernandez scored in the 50th minute, and Leroy Sane scored in the 54th minute, which gave their team the win against Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski, the striker for Barcelona, did everything in his power to help his side win but was ultimately unsuccessful. Despite his efforts, Barcelona was unable to prevail. It was his comeback to action against Bayern Munich, and it was a disappointing one. Lewandowski finished his career with Bayern Munich as the club’s second-highest scorer of all time. As a result of this, people’s expectations were rather high for him to score against the team he had played for previously.

Robert Lewandowski

Despite the fact that Bayern did not score a goal in the first half, they absolutely dominated Barcelona in the second half with their effort. Even though Barcelona excelled Bayern in terms of shots, possession, passes, and accuracy, in the end, it did not matter how well the team played because they were defeated over their opposition.

In the upcoming match, Barcelona will compete against Elche on September 17 in La Liga at Camp Nou stadium, and Bayern Munich will compete against Augsburg on the same date in the Bundesliga at WWK Arena. Both matches will take place on the same day.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

1st Half 2nd Half Final


0 0


Bayern Munich 0 2




Lucas Hernandez-(Bayern)-50′ Minutes

Leroy Sane-(Bayern)-54’Minutes


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