Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1 to advance to the FIFA World Cup 2022 quarterfinals.

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Brazil triumphed over South Korea with a score of 4-1 after putting up a dazzling performance on Tuesday, December 6 at 1:00 am local time at the Stadium 974- Ras Abu aboud. As a result of this victory, Brazil is now competing in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Due to the fact that the losing side will be knocked out of the World Cup competition, this match held a great deal of significance for both teams. In order to advance to the quarterfinals, one needs to win the match they are currently playing in. The stadium was crowded with supporters of both sides, however it was a terrible disappointment for South Korea and their fans as their squad was embarrassed in the first half of the game and eliminated from the World Cup after losing this game. On the other side, supporters of Brazil were ecstatic to see their team defeat the opponents and advance to the quarterfinals of the competition. During this encounter, the fans had the opportunity to witness the incredible samba dance performed by the Brazilian players.

Even though South Korea was stunned by Brazil in the first half of the contest, they displayed a great effort in the second half of the game. The percentage of time that Brazil had possession of the ball throughout this game was 54%, while South Korea’s possession percentage was 46%. Brazil had a pass accuracy of 89%, 609 successful pass attempts, and 5 corner kicks during the match. On the other hand, South Korea finished the game with 530 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 86% on their passes, and 4 corner kicks granted. This game had a total of 21 fouls, with Brazil committing eight and South Korea committing thirteen. The only player to receive a yellow card during this match was from South Korea, who received it for their own offense. In this match, Brazil was outstanding in every facet of the competition, from passes to possession to goals, and as a result, they emerged victors at the game’s conclusion. Despite the fact that South Korea gave it their all during this game, the day just wasn’t meant for them to come out on top.

At the end of this encounter, there were a total of 5 goals scored, with Brazil scoring 4 and South Korea scoring 1. There were a total of four goals scored in the first half of the match, and Brazil was responsible for each of those goals. Brazil immediately went on the offensive and gained possession of the ball when the contest first started. The South American nation of Brazil kicked off the contest with a bang, scoring the first goal. Vini Jr. scored the first goal of the game for Brazil after 7 minutes had elapsed since the game had begun. In this encounter, he scored a goal that was outstanding, and pleasure to watch.

All the players showed respect and put on a show for Pele after winning the match.

At 11 minutes into the match, South Korea committed a foul while protecting the ball within their own penalty area. Richarlison took a direct kick to the foot, which the referee deemed to be a foul and for which Brazil was given a penalty kick. Richarlison took the kick in his right foot. At 13 minutes into the match, Neymar Jr. converted a penalty kick for Brazil, giving the Selecao their second lead of the match.

Richarlison delivered an outstanding effort for Brazil and scored an outstanding goal in this encounter at the 29-minute mark. Brazil ultimately won the contest. The fourth goal for Brazil was scored by Lucas Paqueta with 36 minutes left in the match. The Brazilian side entered the halftime break leading with a score of 4-0.

In the second half of the contest, South Korea displayed outstanding efforts both defensively and offensively, but they lost the match. Paik Seung-ho of South Korea scored an incredible goal by kicking the ball and sending it to the end of Brazil’s goal net during the second half, when Brazil was unable to score any goals of their own. The score was 4-1 at the moment, and it didn’t change by the time this match was over; it was still the same score. The Brazilian team celebrated the victory with a traditional samba dance.

In this game, Brazil had a number of excellent scoring chances, but they were unable to capitalize on any of them. The goal keepers for South Korea and Brazil both turned in outstanding performances during this encounter. They were able to prevent a great number of goals from being scored. Observing this duel was truly like watching a world-class sporting event.

Following the conclusion of the game, every Brazilian player was seen standing together on the field while holding a banner honoring Pele, the greatest player in the history of the sport, and wishing him a speedy recovery from his sickness. Everyone in the stadium made a very nice gesture and paid him a lot of respect while he was there.

The match between Brazil and Croatia in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place at the Education City Stadium on Friday, December 9, at 9:00 p.m.

Brazil vs South Korea

1st Half

2nd Half Full Time


4 0


South Korea 0 1




Vini Jr. – (Brazil) – 7’

Neymar Jr. – (Brazil) – 13’ (Penalty)

Richarlison – (Brazil) – 29’

Lucas Paqueta – (Brazil) – 36’

Paik Seung-ho – (South Korea) – 76’

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