Brazil was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup after losing to Croatia in a penalty shootout.

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At the FIFA World Cup 2022, the quarterfinal match between Croatia and Brazil was decided by a penalty shootout, with Croatia advancing to the semifinals. Due to the fact that the losing team will be knocked out of the World Cup tournament, this match held a great deal of significance for both of the teams. To advance to the semifinals, one needs to win the match they are currently playing in. The competition between these two teams took place at the Education City Stadium on Friday, December 9.00 pm. The stadium was jam-packed with fans of both sides, but it was a terrible disappointment for Brazil and their fans as their squad was eliminated from the World Cup after losing this game. On the other side, supporters of Croatia were overjoyed to learn that their team had defeated the competitors and advanced to the semifinals of the competition.

This battle between these two teams was a lot of excitement to watch because of how competitive it was. When the match was going on, nobody knew what would happen and who will win after the match. The first ninety minutes of the match were spent without any goals being scored, despite the fact that both teams gave it their best effort to find the back of the net. Although Brazil had a few chances to score goals, Croatia’s goalkeeper D. Livakovic was able to prevent all of them from happening. He had a significant impact on Croatia’s ability to go to the semifinals of the competition. It can mostly be attributed to him that Brazil suffered a defeat. In addition, he saved a penalty, which ultimately resulted in Brazil’s elimination from the quarterfinals.

During the course of this match, Croatia had control of the ball for 51% of the time, while Brazil held onto it for 49% of the time. A total of 694 of Croatia’s attempted passes were successful, and the country had three corner kicks. Croatia’s pass accuracy was 88%. Brazil, on the other side, had 684 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 89% in their passing, and 7 corner kicks awarded to them. This game included a significant number of infractions all throughout its duration. During the course of this match, a total of 46 fouls were committed, with Croatia committing 22 and Brazil committing 24. Two yellow cards were given to Croatia while Brazil received three.

Bruno Petkovic

In this match, Croatia performed admirably in all facets of the game, including passes and possession, and they were a worthy opponent for Brazil. After the first 90 minutes of the game, in the additional 30 minutes, Brazil scored the first goal, but Croatia did not sit still and scored a goal to tie the game with them. In this competition, neither team is giving the other any chance of winning.

One goal was scored by Croatia, and the other was scored by Brazil in this match’s total of 2 goals. The score was tied at zero at the end of the first period of play because neither team managed to score a goal during the first period. The second half saw both teams put forth strong offensive efforts, but they were unable to find the back of the net. Following the completion of the first 90 minutes of play, the score remained 0-0. The match continued for a total of one hour and thirty minutes after the initial start time.

Neymar Jr. was the one who gave hope to Brazil when he scored an outstanding goal at 105 and a half minutes into the game. The score was currently 1-0 in Brazil’s favor at the time of the expression. At this point in the game, there was a lot of tension. After scoring a goal for Brazil in their World Cup quarterfinal match against Croatia, Neymar tied the record set by the great Pele for most goals scored by a Brazilian player with 77. At the 117th minute of the match, a player from Croatia named Bruno Petkovic scored an outstanding goal to tie the score. After the initial thirty minutes of play, the score was tied at one each, and the game moved on to the tiebreaker round to determine the winner of the match.

Neymar Jr. was heartbroken after Brazil lost the quarterfinal.

In contrast, Brazil was unable to convert either of their two attempts at the penalty spot, and as a result, Croatia was able to win the game by a score of 4-2 with a perfect penalty shootout performance. D. Livakovic, the goalkeeper for Croatia, made a save on the first penalty kick, which ultimately led to the country’s victory in the match. He was the player who ultimately determined that Croatia would emerge victorious from this match. The ball rebounded after hitting the crossbar during Brazil’s fourth missed penalty, which led Croatia victorious in this game. As Brazil and their supporters waved goodbye to the World Cup with tears in their eyes, the match was won by Croatia, which moved on to play in the semifinals. The possibility that this will be Neymar Jr.’s last World Cup resulted in him displaying his highest level of emotion following their loss to Croatia. Thiago Silva, a Brazilian defender who never had a red card in the FIFA World Cup, played in his final World Cup. Tite, the head coach of the Brazilian national team, has stated his intention to step down from his position after Brazil lost the match against Croatia.

The match between Argentina and Croatia for a spot in the FIFA World Cup 2022 semifinals will take place at the Lusail Stadium on Wednesday, December 14, at 1:00 am local time.

Croatia vs Brazil

1st Half

2nd Half Extra 30 Minutes Full Time


0 0 1


Brazil 0 0 1




Neymar Jr. – (Brazil) – 105+1’

Bruno Petkovic – (Croatia) – 117’

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