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Brentford dominated Liverpool 3-1 in their Premier League encounter.

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At the Gtech Community Stadium, the Premier League match between Brentford and Liverpool ended with Brentford claiming a 3-1 victory over Liverpool. The match took place on Monday, January 2, in front of thousands of fans of both clubs. However, the outcome was a terrible letdown for Liverpool and the people that love them because they lost the match. On the other hand, it turned out to be a fantastic day for Brentford, who prevailed over their opponent and won the match in their own stadium by a big margin. The fans of Brentford were overjoyed to watch their favorite team dominate the opposition and ultimately win the match.

During this match, both sides turned in incredibly impressive performances; it’s just too bad for Liverpool that they didn’t walk away with the win. The percentage of time that Liverpool had control of the ball was 73%, while Brentford’s possession was only 27% of the time. During this match, Liverpool had a pass completion percentage of 83%, completed 652 passes total, and was given 9 corner kicks. On the other hand, Brentford completed 237 passes , a pass accuracy of 49 percent, and four corners awarded. During the course of this encounter, there were a total of 13 fouls committed, with Liverpool being responsible for 8 of them and Brentford being responsible for 5 of them. Liverpool was awarded three yellow cards, whereas Brentford was only handed one yellow card during the entire match.

Although Liverpool performed exceptionally well in every facet of this game, including possession and passing, they were unable to come out on top in the end. Goals are the most important part of a football game, and the team that scored the most will victorious at the end of the game. In spite of the fact that they had more possession of the ball and completed more passes, Liverpool did not end up with more goals than Brentford. On the other side, Brentford had very little possession of the ball and made very few passes during this encounter; nonetheless, they were the team who scored the most goals, which ultimately led to them winning the game. During this encounter, Liverpool had a number of chances to score, but they failed to capitalize on any of those chances. On the other hand, Brentford made the most of every opportunity and scored goals whenever they got the chance.

Yoane Wissa
Yoane Wissa celebrated after scoring a fantastic goal.

This match has seen a total of 4 goals scored, with Brentford scoring 3, and Liverpool scoring 1 of those goals. One goal was scored by Brentford in the first half of the match, and the other goal was scored by Liverpool. Unfortunately, the goal that Liverpool scored was an own goal, thus it was counted as a goal for Brentford. Both teams gave each other a run for their money throughout the competition. At the 19 minute mark of the match, a player for Liverpool named Ibrahima Konate scored an own goal when he was attempting to save the ball from a corner kick. The ball went into the back of the net after making contact with his leg while it was being guarded by Liverpool. During the course of this game, there were a handful of goals scored, but they were disallowed because the opposing team was playing offside. Yoane Wissa scored a stunning goal for Brentford by heading the ball in the 42nd minute of the game. Although Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson made a stop on the shot, the ball was already past the line before Alisson made the save. As soon as it happened, the referee blew his whistle to signal that they had scored. The score was 2-0 when the first half came to a close, with Brentford holding the lead.

During the second half of the encounter, there were two more goals scored, with one of those goals being scored by Brentford and the other of those goals being scored by Liverpool. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain of Liverpool scored a magnificent goal by heading the ball at the 50-minute mark of the match. At this point in the game, the score was 2-1; however, with 84 minutes remaining in the match, Bryan Mbeumo scored the game-winning goal for Brentford. After that, there were no further goals added to the scoreboard. In the end, Brentford emerged victorious in this contest with a score of 3-1 in their favor, making them the clear winners.

After playing 17 matches, Liverpool is currently in sixth place in the Premier League point table with 28 points. They have won eight matches, drawn four matches, and lost five matches. Brentford, on the other hand, is now in seventh place with a total of 26 points after playing 18 matches during which they have won six matches, tied eight matches, and lost four matches.

Brentford’s next match will be on January 7 against West Ham at Gtech Community Stadium in the FA Cup, whereas Liverpool’s next match will be on January 8 against Wolves at Anfield Stadium in the FA Cup.

Brentford vs Liverpool

1st Half 2nd Half Final


2 1


Liverpool 0 1




Ibrahima Konate – (Brentford) – 19’  (OW)

Yoane Wissa – (Brentford) – 42’

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain – (Liverpool) – 50’

Bryan Mbeumo – (Brentford) – 84’

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