Casemiro’s late goal secured Brazil’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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The score of Brazil‘s second match versus Switzerland was 1-0, and it took place at the Stadium 974 – Ras Abu Aboud on Monday, November 28, at 10.00 pm. The late goal scored by Casemiro was the deciding factor in Brazil’s victory over Switzerland. The game between these two clubs was a tense one all the way through. This encounter included head-to-head competition between both sides, which contributed to the overall excitement and enjoyment of watching it. The stadium was packed with fans of both teams, who enthusiastically applauded for their own squads as they competed against each other. The way Switzerland started their match, no one had any idea who would end up being the victor of the contest when it was all said and done.

Throughout the entirety of the match, Brazil held 54% of the game’s possession, while Switzerland held 46% of the game’s possession. Brazil had 550 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 87% on their passes, and they were awarded 8 corner kicks. On the other hand, Switzerland had 482 successful passes, an 83% accuracy rate with their passes, and they were granted 3 corners during this encounter. In this encounter, Brazil committed 10 fouls, while Switzerland committed 17 fouls. There were a lot of fouls committed overall. During this match, each team received one yellow card as a warning for their actions. Even though Brazil had a little bit of success in this game in terms of possession, passes, pass accuracy, and corners, they still had a hard time scoring goals in this encounter. Both Switzerland’s defense and their offense were outstanding throughout this encounter.

In this match, one goal was scored, and that was by Brazil. Neither team scored a goal in the first half. Both teams tried their best to score goals, but they were unable to do so in the first half. The first half ended with a score of 0-0.

Brazil started to attack at the beginning of the second half, but it was very difficult for them to break through the defense that Switzerland was playing. At that point in time, the match was being played with a great deal of seriousness. Vinicius Junior scored an incredible goal for Brazil when the game was 63 minutes old, but the referee disallowed the goal after consulting the VAR since it was determined that Junior was offside when he scored. It was a very sad time for everyone in Brazil, and everyone felt their hearts breaking at the same time. The score did not change from 0-0 during the entire game.

Celebration after Casemiro’s match winning goal.

Brazil did not cease their offensive efforts, although there were not enough time left in that match. They were going absolutely nuts in their attempt to score a goal. Casemiro scored a magnificent goal for Brazil that proved to be the game-winning one with 83 minutes time in the contest. The noise made by Brazil’s supporters is driving the crowd wild in the stadium. On the other hand, Switzerland was displeased with that goal. At that precise moment, Brazil held a 1-0 lead over their opponents in terms of the score. At this point in the match, there will not be any more goals scored. After it was all said and done, Brazil emerged victorious in the competition. Through this win they gained 3 points. Neymer did not play this match because of his injury. It is expected that he will miss the rest group stage game.

After playing two matches, Brazil has accumulated a total of six points and is now in first place atop the point table for Group G. They emerged victorious in both of the contests. After two matches, Switzerland has earned a total of three points and now sits in the second place on the point table. Of their two matches, Switzerland has won one and lost one.

Cameroon will be the opponent for Brazil’s third match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will take place at the Lusail Stadium on Saturday, December 3, at 1:00 am local time. The match between Switzerland and Serbia is scheduled to take place at the Stadium 974 – Ras Abu Aboud on Saturday, December 3 at 1:00 am.

Brazil vs Switzerland

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 1


Switzerland 0 0




Casemiro – (Brazil) – 83’

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