Despite Stephen Curry’s 50 points, the Phoenix Suns won 130–119 against the Golden State Warriors.

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Thursday, November 17, took place at the Footprint Center and featured a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns. In this contest, the Phoenix Suns were victorious over the Golden State Warriors by a score of 130-119. Despite the fact that Stephen Curry scored 50 points for the Golden State Warriors in this match, the Warriors were unable to come out on top due of the poor performance of the team as a whole in this contest. Fans of the Phoenix appreciated the game very much because their favorite team ended up winning in their own home venue.

Stephen Curry turned in an outstanding performance, and as a result, he reached the 50-point for the eleventh time in his career in the NBA. Although his performance in this game was immaculate, it was not enough to win the match since his team mate’s performances were subpar throughout the game. Despite his efforts, they were not enough to win the match. Unfortunately for Golden State Warriors, they did not have any luck on their side today, as they ended up losing the game against Phoenix Suns.

The Golden State Warriors currently have a record of 6-9 for the current season. The fact that they had a losing streak of eight games in a row was not an encouraging sign for the Warriors. Their last championship, which they took home in 2015. Now they are trying to win their fifth title since 2015, but it seems as though they will have to wait a little longer because their squad has not been performing very well recently. Since 2015, they have been striving for their fifth title. Their winless streak on the road was the longest in this season’s competition since the 1989–1990 campaign.

During this game, Andrew Wiggins scored 14 points, Draymond Green scored 9 points, Kevon Looney scored 10 points, Stephen Curry scored 50 points, Klay Thompson scored 19 points, Jorden Poole scored 2 points, Anthony Lamb scored 7 points, Donte DiVincenzo scored 6 points, and JaMychal Green scored 2 points for the Warriors. Stephen Curry was the game’s highest scorer. Klay Thompson scored 19 points. Jorden Poole scored 2 points.

The Warriors scored 33 points in the first quarter, 32 points in the second quarter, 24 points in the third quarter, and 30 points in the final quarter of the game. The final tally of their points was 119 after the completion of the match.

In contrast, Mikal Bridges scored 23 points for the Suns, and Torrey Craig scored 13 points for the Suns. In this game, Deandre Ayton scored 14 points, Devin Booker scored 27 points, Cameron Payne scored the most points with 29, Damion Lee scored 9 points, Jock Landale scored 7 points, Duane Washington Jr. scored 5 points, and Ish Wainright scored 3 points. Cameron Payne, who plays for the Suns, scored 29 points, which is the most he’s ever scored in his professional career. Throughout this process, he hit six three-pointers while also dishing out seven assists and grabbing three rebounds in this game.

Cameron Payne scored his career highest 29 points on Thursday against the Warriors.

In the first quarter, the Phoenix Suns scored 36 points, in the second quarter they scored 36 points, in the third quarter they scored 31 points, and in the fourth quarter they scored 27 points. They finished the match with a total of 130 points, and as a consequence of this, they were victorious over the warriors.

Even though the Warriors were defeated, Stephen Curry had a night to remember despite the outcome of the game. His spectacular play has just brought the whole thing crashing down. In this game, he shot 17 of 28 from the field and 7 of 11 from beyond the arc, giving him a a season high of 69.8 fantasy points. In addition, he contributed to the Warriors by grabbing nine rebounds and providing six assists. As a result of his performance on Thursday night, he surpassed with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and tied with Allen Iverson for his 9th most 50-plus point play in the annals of NBA history.

Phoenix Suns vs Golden State Warriors

1 2 3 4


Phoenix Suns 36 36 31 27


Golden State Warriors

33 32 24 30


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