Iran beat Wales 2-0 in the 2022 FIFA World Cup with two late goals in extra time.

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Iran‘s match against Wales for the FIFA World Cup 2022 took place at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium on the afternoon of Saturday, November 25, at 4:00 p.m. Iran prevailed against Wales in this game, which went into extra time after the first 90 minutes had ended, courtesy of two late goals scored by the Iranian team. During this time period, Wales only fielded a team of 10 players. As a result of a player receiving a red card during the encounter, Wales ended up playing with one less player. Even though Gareth Bale gave it his all, Wales simply couldn’t find any luck on that particular day, and they ended up losing the match. In this encounter, Iran emerged victorious in a thrilling fashion. Nobody anticipated that this contest would turn out the way it did.

Throughout the entirety of the game, Wales held control of the ball for 62% of the time, while Iran only managed 38% of the time. Wales was able to complete 501 passes, their pass accuracy was 77%, and they were given 2 corners. Iran, on the other side, completed 298 passes, a pass accuracy rate of 66 percent, and 7 corners awarded throughout this encounter. Despite the fact that Wales had the most possession and passes during this game, they were unable to score any goals during this contest. Iran, on the other hand, capitalized on the opportunities they were given and scored goals, which allowed them to win the match. At the end of the game, it does not matter who had more possession or who completed more passes; what matters is who scored more goals, and Iran demonstrated that they were capable of doing so on the field and emerged triumphant in this game.

It was a glorious day for Iran and their supporters as they emerged victorious in the match at the game’s conclusion, and the stadium was packed with supporters of both teams. On the other hand, Wales and their fans were in a great deal of distress due to the fact that their team had lost the game, and the fans left the stadium with a great deal of disappointment.


Iran was responsible for both of this match’s goals, giving them a total of two for the contest. In the first half of play, neither team was able to find the back of the net. Although Wales gave it their all in an attempt to score goals, they were unable to find a way through Iran’s defense. Iran competed quite well in this match, and they were able to equal the level of play displayed by Wales. The score was knotted up at zero apiece after the first period.

In the second half, both teams made numerous attempts to score goals, but they were unable to do so due to a lack of scoring opportunities. At the 86th minute of the match, Wayne Hennessey, the goalkeeper for Wales, received a red card and was subsequently ejected from the field. Mehdi Taremi, a player for Iran, was the victim of a foul committed by him outside of the penalty box. As soon as the referee realized what had happened, he showed a red card to the offending player. The fact that Wales only had 10 players available for this game was a significant disadvantage for them, and it was the primary reason that Iran was able to defeat them and win the game. After ninety minutes had passed without a goal being scored, the score was still 0-0.

Wayne Hennessey left the field after getting Red Card.

Rouzbeh Cheshmi scored the first goal for Iran after the first 90 minutes of the match, which was when the extra time began at the 90+8 minute mark. After he had finished, Ramin Rezaeian scored the eventual game-winning goal for Iran at the 90+11 minute mark of the match. The final result was 2-0 in favor of Iran in the match. Iran was the victor. Gareth Bale, who plays for Wales, did everything in his power to help his team win the game in the last minutes, but unfortunately, it was a pretty horrible day for him and for Wales as well.

Iran currently sits in second place in Group B’s point table with three points after playing in both of the group’s matches so far. One of these two bouts saw them come out on top, while the other ended in defeat. Since this point in time, England has maintained their position in top place. After two matches, Wales has accumulated a single point and is now in the bottom place of the point table. Of their two matches, Wales has drawn one and lost one of them.

Iran’s third match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place at the Al Thumama Stadium on Wednesday, November 30 at 1:00 am, and it will be against the United States of America.

Wales vs Iran

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time
Wales 0 0


Iran 0 2




Rouzbeh Cheshmi – (Iran) – 90+8’

Ramin Rezaeian – (Iran) – 90+11’

Wayne Hennessey – (Wales) – 86’ (Red Card)

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