Islam Makhachev crushed Charles Oliveira in the main event of UFC 280.

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The highly anticipated fight between Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 has finally come to a end, as Makhachev has emerged victorious to claim the title of world champion in the lightweight division. People traveled from all over the world to watch this match at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on the Saturday, October 22, because there was so much buzz surrounding it. There were 13,400 spectators in total that were there to watch the game.

However, Islam Makhachev eventually demonstrated in front of the whole world that he is the best lightweight fighter in the world. Prior to the bout, many people expected that Charles would dominate Islam, but Islam Makhachev defeated Charles. In every way, he was superior to Charles Oliveira, and he even knocked him out in the second round of this fight before finishing him out with a brutal arm-triangle choke in the very first minute of the bout. In the main event of the competition, Islam Makhachev prevailed against Charles Oliveira after 3:16 minutes had passed in the second round.

After the match was over, Islam stood in the center of the ring and said, “I trained so hard for this moment; I want to say thank you. I always think this is not going to be an easy fight. He always pushes opponents but I know he’s going to be scared of my wrestling skills. I said this is my goal and Allah give me. My belt for my coach for Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. He said training hard and you’re going to be champion, (Khabib’s) father made me.”

Khabib carries Islam on his shoulder and celebrates after the match.

Everyone was wrong when they said that Islam is primarily a ground fighter and is not good on his feet, but this match demonstrated that they were wrong. During the fight against Oliveira, he showed no fear and was able to smash him with his feet and the ground throughout the entire game. During the match, it was clear that Charles Oliveira was intimidated by Islam Makhachev, as evidenced by the fact that he was unable to take any action that would lead to his winning the match.

Islam was aware before the match that Charles is skilled with his kick, and as a result, he did not allow Charles to have any opportunities throughout the match, and instead, he consistently moved closer to Charles. As a direct consequence of this, Charles was unable to effectively kick Islam in the face, which was a major setback for him.

Islam’s current coach, Khabib Nurmagomedov, has repeatedly asserted that his pupil will emerge victorious over Oliveira, despite the fact that other people did not share this opinion, and that Islam is the finest lightweight fighter in the world at the moment. Now that he has reached this point in his career, he is at the pinnacle of his abilities, both mentally and physically. Islam Makhachev was reportedly Khabib’s late father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov’s favorite student, and according to Khabib’s late father, the younger Makhachev has a lot of potential to become the best fighter in the world. Islam is the only one who has a chance of becoming the champion after Khabib, and after this fight, every aspect of the statement was proven to be accurate.

Islam Makhachev became the Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the World.

After the bout, Oliveira stated, “Sometimes you’re here and it’s not your day; Hey Dana [White], hey Hunter [Campbell], I’ve never denied a fight. I’ve always been there for you. Give me a fight, I need a chance to be the next guy.”

Prior to the match, Oliveira had won his previous 12 matches in a row, while Islam had won his previous 10 matches in a row. As a result of Oliveira’s defeat in this bout, Islam has now won 11 consecutive bouts and established himself as the undisputed lightweight champion of the world.

After the match, Islam placed the lightweight championship belt on Khabib’s shoulders, who is currently serving as Islam’s coach and a previous lightweight champion. After the match, Khabib had other thoughts and announced who the next opponent for Islam would be.

Khabib stated, “Islam is the pound-for-pound No. 1 fighter today; Now our plan, fly all the way to Australia to fight with pound-for-pound king Alexander Volkanovski”. After the announcement, Volkanovski stepped out onto the ring, shared a moment with Islam, congratulated him and his team, and then said, “Let’s do it; the lightweight title and the pound-for-pound No. 1 are on the line.”

The UFC 284 program that will take place in Perth, Australia, was recently revealed, and Islam’s opponent for the event was a breeze to pair him with. All that can be done at this point is wait to find out whether Islam Makhachev or Alexander Volkanovski will emerge victorious from their encounter.

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