Japan stunned the four-time World Cup champion Germany 2-1 in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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The entire football world was taken aback when Japan defeated Germany with a score of 2-1 in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Prior to the start of the contest, nobody had any clue that Japan would end up winning this match against Germany. At seven o’clock in the evening on Thursday, November 23, the match got underway at the Khalifa International Stadium in front of thousands of fans from both teams. Due to the fact that they were defeated in the match, Germany and its fans had a particularly terrible day. They never anticipated the contest would turn out the way it did. The disappointment was clear on the faces of the Germany fans as they exited the stadium. On the other side, it was a wonderful day for Japan and its fans as a result of their victory in the match, which they achieved by shocking everyone.

In contrast to Japan’s lowly 26% possession of the ball game, Germany had 74% of it for the majority of the play. Germany had a pass accuracy of 74%, finished with 771 successful passes, and was given 6 corners. On the other hand, Japan had a pass completion percentage of 70%, awarded 6 corners, and had a total of 269 successful passes. There were a lot of fouls committed throughout this match, with Japan committing 14 fouls and Germany committing only 6 fouls. Tough Germany performed admirably in every facet of this match, but they could not find the back of the net very much today. On the other hand, Japan played exceptionally well today and scored more goals than Germany, which ultimately led to them emerging victorious from this match.

Takuma Asano celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal for Japan.

This match featured a total of three goals, with Germany contributing one goal and Japan contributing two goals. There was only one goal scored during the first half of the contest, and it was scored by Germany. At the 31 minute mark, the goalkeeper for Japan committed a foul inside their penalty box. A penalty was assessed by the referee as a result of the foul. Ilkay Gundogan took the opportunity and scored a goal by virtue of the penalty at 33 minutes into the match. At the end of the first half, Germany had a 1-0 lead against the Japan.

The tides shifted in the second half of the contest, and Japan seized the initiative to take the lead in the game. In the second half, there were two goals scored, and Japan was responsible for both of them. They simply managed to blow everyone in Germany and the rest of the football world away with their play. They were quite successful in penetrating the German defense and scoring goals, which allowed them to prevail in the match. At the 75-minute mark of the match, Ritsu Doan scored a magnificent goal. It was the first goal that he has scored for Japan. The score was tied at the moment by 1-1 . Takuma Asano scored the final and game-winning goal for Japan at 83 minutes of the match. In the second half, Germany put forth a valiant effort to score goals, but they were unable to do so due to the excellent play of the Japanese defense and goalkeeper. The final score of the match was Japan prevailing over the Germany by a score of 2-1. They won the match with pride and were able to show everyone that they were wrong about them.

Shuichi Gonda, the guard of the goal post, saved eight goals in the match.

Today, Japan’s goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda turned up an outstanding performance. He prevented a handful of 8 goals from being scored during this match, which ultimately led to Japan’s victory. For his outstanding performance throughout the game he was awarded the Player of the Match title. The Japanese players, including the goalkeeper, defenders, forwards, and the rest of the team, gave their absolute best performances in order to prove to the rest of the world that they are not a weak team. Their performance was outstanding throughout the entirety of the game. Moriyasu Hajime, the head coach of Japan, was the guy who was ultimately responsible for the country’s victory. He was also the person who conceived of the team’s play in the first place. His strategy was the driving force behind the Japan team’s victory over the four-time World Cup Champion, Germany.

MORIYASU HAJIME, the tactical mastermind of the Japan team against Germany.

As a result of Japan’s victory in the match, they have moved up to the first spot by gaining 3 points in the point table for Group E. At the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium on Sunday, November 27 at four o’clock in the afternoon, Japan will face Costa Rica. In their next match, Germany will play against Spain which will take place at the Al Bayt Stadium on Monday, November 28 at 1:00 am.

Japan vs Germany

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 2


Germany 1 0



Ilkay Gundogan – (Germany) – 33’

Ritsu Doan – (Japan) – 75’

Takuma Asano – (Japan) – 83’

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