Leandro Trossard’s hat-trick helped Brighton to a thrilling 3-3 tie with Liverpool.

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At Anfield Stadium on October 1st, Brighton drew with Liverpool with a score of 3-3 in the Premier League. In a thrilling match between these two teams, Leandro Trossard scored three goals. Roberto De Zerbi‘s debut as a new manager for Brighton and Hove Albion was a success and they just didn’t go away with their new manager on an empty hand.

During this encounter, both Brighton and Liverpool displayed outstanding play on the field. The people had a great time watching the match because it turned out to be quite entertaining. During this encounter, both teams gave it their best effort and competed head-to-head. Although Liverpool was determined to win the match, they were unable to do so because Brighton displayed superior play throughout the contest and did not offer Liverpool a single opportunity to prevail. During the match, Liverpool was in possession of the ball 54% of the time. On the other side, Brighton maintained a possession percentage of 46% throughout the entire game. During this match, Liverpool had a pass completion percentage of 81%, awarded 9 corners, and had a total of 530 successful pass attempts. On the other side, Brighton completed 460 passes, with a pass accuracy of 78%, and awarded only 2 corners throughout the course of this game.

There were a total of 6 goals scored in this match, with Liverpool scoring 3 goals and Brighton scoring 3 goals. There were a total of three goals scored in this game during the first half, and there were also three goals scored during the second half. During the first half of the match, Liverpool had one goal scored against them, while Brighton had two goals scored against them. In the second half Brighton scored 1 goals and Liverpool scored 2 goals. The match was ended with the score of 3-3. All three goals scored for Brighton were by Leandro Trossard. It was a great hat-trick by him. Because of him Brighton had a draw in this match.

Roberto De Zerbi’s debut as a new manager for Brighton.

Leandeo scored two goals in the first half and one goal in the second half of the match. He scored the first goal at 4 minutes and the second goal at 17 minutes of the match for Brighton. At that moment, the score was 2-0. It was a really frustrating moment for Liverpool at the time. But on 33 minutes, Roberto Firmino scored the first goal for Liverpool and made the score 2-1 before the second half.

After that, at 54 minutes, Firmino scored again with the help of Mohamed Salah in the second half. The score was tied at 2-2 for both the teams at that moment. Firmino scored 2 goals for Liverpool in this match. Liverpool were just at ease at that moment, but they needed one more goal to win the match. On 63 minutes, an own goal came from Adam Webster and Liverpool scored to go up to 3-2, which was very devastating for Brighton. But Roberto De Zerbi’s team didn’t stop and just played with their best performances and scored again at 83 minutes with the help of Leandro. Through his goal, Brighton drew with Liverpool, where Leandro had a fantastic hat-trick. After that, no goals came from any of the teams, and the match ended with a draw.

Fantastic Hat-trick From Leandro Trossard.

Brighton are now 4th in the Premier League point table after their seventh match, with four wins, two draws, and one loss. On the other hand, Liverpool stayed in 9th position after their seventh match in the Premier League with 2 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss.

Brighton’s next match will happen at Falmer Stadium on October 8, Saturday, at 10.30 pm against Tottenham in the Premier League. Liverpool will face Rangers at Anfield Stadium on October 5, Wednesday, at 1.00 am in the UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool vs Brighton

1st Half

2nd Half

Full Time


1 2



2 1



Leandro Trossard – Brighton – 4’, 17’, 83’

Roberto Firmino – Liverpoll- 33’, 54’

Adam Webster – Liverpool – Own Goal

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