Liverpool destroyed Bournemouth with a 9-0 big win to equal the premier league record.

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With a 9-0 victory against Bournemouth, Liverpool won the heart of the fans at Anfield on Saturday, 27 August and equal the record of the Premier League. In the first half they scored five goals as it’s a child play for Liverpool against Bournemouth.

The entire game was controlled by Liverpool’s dominance over Bournemouth. They were in complete command of the game from the moment it started. In contrast to Bournemouth, Liverpool controlled 70 percent of the game’s possessions while Bournemouth had only 30 percent of the game’s possessions. During the course of the game, Liverpool had 681 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 86% on their passes, and 8 corners. On the other hand, Bournemouth had only one corner during this game despite completing 303 passes, having a pass accuracy of 69%, and having the most passes completed. The way Liverpool played the match suggested that it was no big deal for them at all. They just finished off Bournemouth with 9 goals, completely dominating the game. On the other hand, it was a terrible day for Bournemouth fans and for those who cheered for their team. The day was a success for Liverpool fans.

Jurgen Klopp waited a lot for this kind of win as their point is pretty low in the point table. At the first two match they tied against Fulham and Crystal Palace and at the third match they lost against Manchester United which was pretty disappointed for them as well as for Jurgen Klop. Liverpool gain 3 points in this match and they have 5 points in total at the point table.  Previously they are at number 16th at the point table, now they climb up at number 9th.


There were a total of nine goals scored during the course of the match, and Liverpool was responsible for scoring every one of those goals. There were a total of five goals scored in the first half of the game. Luis Diaz got the game’s first goal three minutes into the contest to give his team the lead. Following his performance, Harvey Elliott scored the game’s second goal six minutes after it had begun. The third goal was scored by Trent Alexander Arnold with 28 minutes played in the game. The fourth goal of the game was scored by Robert Firmino at the 31 minutes of the game. Virgil van Dijk scored the game’s fifth and final goal in the first half, which he did so at the 45-minute mark of the match. The Liverpool squad concluded the half on top with a 5-0 goal lead over their opponents.

There were a total of four goals scored in the second half of the game. Chris Mepham of the Bournemouth team scored first goal in the second half at the 46 minutes in the match. It was his own mistake that led to Liverpool scoring an own goal, which ultimately helped them move even higher on the scoreboard. The score was currently 6-0 in favor of Liverpool at this point in the match. Roberto Firmino scored the seventh goal of the game at the 62 minute mark; it was his second goal scored in this match. The goal was Firmino’s second goal scored in this match. At the 80-minute mark of the match, Fabio Carvalho scored the game’s eighth goal. At the 85 minute mark of the game, Luis Diaz scored his second goal, which also turned out to be the game final goal. The final score of the match favored Liverpool 9-0. They scored all of the game’s goals.

In the next match Liverpool will face Newcastle at 1 September, Thursday (1 AM) at Anfield Stadium.


Liverpool vs Bournemouth

1st Half 2nd Half

Full Time


5 4 9







Luis Diaz- 3’, 85’

Harvey Elliott- 6’

Trent Alexander Arnold- 28’

Robert Firmino- 31’, 62’

Virgil van Dijk- 45’

Chris Mepham-  46’ (OG)

Fabio Carvalho- 80’


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