Liverpool thrashed Rangers with a huge 7-1 victory thanks to Mohamed Salah’s incredible hat-trick.

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In the UEFA Champions League match that took place on Wednesday at Ibrox Stadium, Liverpool defeated Rangers with a large score of 7-1 and obtained an easy win thanks to the remarkable hat-trick scored by Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool fans particularly appreciated seeing their club put in a good performance, which brought them a lot of delight.

Throughout this encounter, Liverpool acted as though the competition held no significance for them. During the whole of the game, which was ninety minutes long, they never stopped scoring. They were in complete command of the game and dominated Rangers in every way possible. Throughout the entirety of the match, Liverpool held control of the ball 57% of the time, while Rangers only managed to do so 43% of the time. Liverpool completed 546 passes, had a pass accuracy of 79%, and was awarded 3 corners, while Rangers completed 413 passes, had a pass accuracy of 69%, and were also awarded 3 corners.  It was a very difficult for Rangers to win against the Mighty Liverpool. The defense of Rangers was completely dismantled by Liverpool, which then proceeded to score one goal after another.

Roberto-Firmino celebrated after scoring two goals for Liverpool.

During the course of this encounter, a total of eight goals were scored. There were a total of two goals scored during the first half of the match, with the remaining six goals being scored during the second half. Rangers’ Robert Arfield scored the game’s opening goal after 17 minutes, but Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino scored the game’s second goal and their first goal after 24 minutes. Rangers’ lead did not last long after Roberto Firmino scored for Liverpool. Both teams had scored one goal by the time the first half of the game was over, so the score was tied at that moment.

The Rangers were confronted by a formidable opponent in the second half of the game, which resulted in the team’s immediate defeat. The second goal was scored by Roberto Firmino at the 55-minute mark, and then the third goal was scored by Darwin Nunez at the 66-minute mark for Liverpool. It was at that very moment that the score improved to 3-1. Firmino scored 2 goals in this match for Liverpool.

In the second part of the match, Mohamed Salah had an outstanding performance. He scored all three goals in consecutive fashion to earn the hat trick. The first goal he scored was at the 75-minute mark, the second goal was at the 80-minute mark, and the third goal came at the 81-minute mark. Many goals were scored by him despite the efforts of the ranger, who was unsuccessful. The Rangers suffered a terrible loss due to their performance in this encounter.

A fantastic hat-trick scored by Mohamed Salah.

Following the hat trick scored by Salah, the score was changed to 6-1, and it became clear that they would be victorious in the game very soon. However, this did not prevent them from scoring additional goals, and at 87 minutes of the game, Harvey Elliott scored the game’s penultimate and winning goal, giving Liverpool the victory over the Rangers. After everything was done, the final score was 7-1 in favor of Liverpool.

As a result of their victory, Liverpool is currently in second place in the point table for Group A of the UEFA Champions League. They have a total of nine points, having won three matches while also suffering one defeat.

Liverpool’s next Premier League game will be against Man City on Sunday, October 16 at 9:45 p.m. at Anfield Stadium.

Liverpool vs Rangers

1st Half 2nd Half



1 6







Scott Arfield – (Rangers) – 17’

Roberto Firmino – (Liverpool) – 24’, 55’

Darwin Nunez – (Liverpool) – 66’

Mohamed Salah – (Liverpool) – 75’, 80’, 81’

Harvey Elliott – (Liverpool) – 87’

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