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Manchester City won 3-2 over Liverpool to advance to the EFL Cup quarterfinals.

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After claiming a 3-2 victory over Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City moved to the quarterfinals of the English Football League Cup (also known as the Carabao Cup). This match took place on Thursday, December 22, in front of thousands of fans from both teams. However, it was a very satisfying experience for the supporters of Manchester City Football Club because they were able to see their club emerge victorious in this game while it was being played at their own stadium. As a result of the fact that both sides played exceptionally well throughout the match, it was very enjoyable to watch. It was a really tight battle between these two clubs since the winner of the match will be able to proceed to the quarterfinals of the EFL Cup (Carabao Cup).

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland celebrated after scoring the first goal for Manchester City.

During this match, both sides turned in incredibly impressive performances; it’s just too bad for Liverpool that they didn’t walk away with the win. While Liverpool held 43% of the pass possession, Man City had a possession of the ball of 57% throughout the game. During this match, Man City had a pass completion percentage of 87 percent, completed 574 passes total, and was given 7 corner kicks. On the other hand, Liverpool finished with 446 completed passes, an accuracy rate of 80 percent on their passes, and only one corner awarded. During the course of this encounter, a total of 16 fouls were committed, with Liverpool committing 10 fouls and Man City committing 6. Liverpool was given three yellow cards, whilst Manchester City received only one yellow card throughout the game.

Riyad Mahrez
Riyad Mahrez celebrates after scoring a goal.

This match has seen a total of 5 goals scored, with Manchester City scoring 3, and Liverpool scoring 2 of those goals. One goal was scored by Liverpool and another was scored by Man City in the first half of the match. The total number of goals scored in the first half of the contest was 2. Both teams gave each other a run for their money throughout the competition. Erling Haaland scored the first goal of the game for Manchester City after 10 minutes had elapsed since the game had begun. Haaland’s goal was an outstanding effort and he should be proud of it. At the 20-minute mark of the match, Liverpool’s Fabio Carvalho scored the opening goal for his team. Both teams had a score of one goal apiece after the first half of the match, which meant that the game was tied.

Nathan Ake
Nathan Ake celebrates after scoring the match-winning goal for Manchester City.

In the second half of the contest, there were three more goals scored, with Manchester City scoring two of those goals, Liverpool scoring one of those goals. Riyad Mahrez of Manchester City scored an outstanding goal for his club at 47 minutes into the contest. The scoreboard now shows that Liverpool is in the lead with 2-1 goals. Mohamed Salah scored a magnificent goal for Liverpool at the 48th minute of the game, only one minute after Liverpool had scored their second goal of the match. The score was knotted up once more at 2-2. The battle quickly developed into a thrilling contest. At this point in the game, nobody can say for certain who will emerge victorious once the full match has been played for 90 minutes. Every player on both teams worked very hard to try and score goals. During the 58th minute of this match, Nathan Ake scored a magnificent goal for Manchester City by heading the ball. The goal proved to be the game-winning goal for Man City, as Liverpool were unable to score any goals after that point, despite their best efforts to do so. Man City’s goal allowed them to win the game. Manchester City became victorious in this contest with a final score of 3-2 in their favor; hence, they are referred to as the winners.

On Tuesday, January 10 2023 at the St. Mary’s Stadium, Manchester City will take on Southampton in the quarterfinals of the English Football League Cup (Carabao Cup).

Man City vs Liverpool

1st Half

2nd Half Final

Man City

1 2


Liverpool 1 1



Erling Haaland – (Man City) – 10’

Fabio Carvalho – (Liverpool) – 20’

Riyad Mahrez – (Man City) – 47’

Mohamed Salah – (Liverpool) – 48’

Nathan Ake – (Man City) – 58’

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