Manchester United win against Liverpool in absence of Ronaldo.

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At Old Trafford Stadium on the evening of Tuesday, August 23rd, the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool ended in a 2-1 victory for United. Hundreds of thousands of Manchester United fans were able to experience the thrill of their team’s victory at Old Trafford, the club’s stadium located in Manchester. As a result of this victory, Manchester United receives three points, which they will be able to add to their total in the Premier League point table.

Despite the fact that Liverpool played exceptionally well throughout the match, it was quite sad for them to come out on the losing end against Man United. Throughout the entirety of the match, Manchester United had possession of the ball at a rate of 71%, while Liverpool managed only 29% of it. Liverpool had a total of 645 successful passes, an 83% accuracy rate with their passes, and they were awarded 8 corners. On the other hand, Manchester United finished with 273 successful passes, a pass accuracy of 65%, and 6 corner kicks granted. Liverpool had the upper hand in every facet of the play against Manchester United, but in the end, the only thing that matters is whether team scored more goals. Due to the fact that Manchester United scored more goals than Liverpool did, they emerged victorious from the contest.

Jadon Sancho celebrates after scoring the first goal for Manchester United.

During the course of this encounter, a total of three goals were scored. The Manchester United team was the only one to find the back of the net throughout the first half of the game. At the 16 minute mark, Liverpool’s Jadon Sancho scored the game’s opening goal while playing against Manchester City. The score was 1-0 at the end of the first half, and Manchester United was in the lead.

There were a total of two goals scored in the second half, with Manchester United scoring one and Liverpool scoring the other. A goal scored by Jadon Sancho, assisted by Marcus Rashford in the 53rd minute, contributed to Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool. Two goals had already been scored at that point in the game. Even though Mohamed Salah scored the first goal for Liverpool in the 81st minute, it’s not going to be enough for them to win the game. The final result of the match was 2-1, which contributed to Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool in this contest.

For Erik ten Hag, a victory in this game was absolutely necessary because he had already lost the other two games. On the other hand, Jurgen Klopp and his team were underwhelmed by the results of the three games, which included two draws and a loss. This encounter was intense for both teams as well as the fans of those teams, and it concluded in a dramatic fashion.

The victory for Manchester United came despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire from the lineup. There were approximately 10,000 fans that had assembled at the stadium to watch their respective teams play against each other. The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo did not take part in this game left his legions of devoted followers feeling a great deal of dissatisfaction. There was widespread speculation that, had Cristiano Ronaldo participated in the game, the final score might have been much different.

It took an incredible effort from every single player for Manchester United to come out on top against Liverpool, but they were able to do so, and this allowed them to move ahead of Liverpool in the table of points. The results of two draws and one loss resulted in Liverpool gaining two points. In contrast, Manchester United has picked up three points thanks to their victory in this match, despite the fact that they have dropped the two matches prior to this one.

The next match for Manchester United will be played on Saturday, August 27 against Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium, while Liverpool will play Bournemouth at Anfield Stadium on the same day.

Man United vs Liverpool

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time

Man United

1 1


Liverpool 0 1




Jadon Sancho – (Man United) – 16’

Marcus Rashford – (Man United) – 53’

Mohamed Salah – (Liverpool) – 81’

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