Mika Zibanejad scored twice as the Rangers beat the Lightning 3-1.

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The New York Rangers trounced the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-1 on Wednesday at the Madison Square Garden venue in New York City. Mika Zibanejad put up a stellar effort throughout the entirety of the game and scored two goals, one of which was the game-winning goal on the power play in the third period.

The New York Rangers had a fantastic day as they triumphed over their opponent in the game that took place in their home arena. The stadium was packed with fans of the Rangers, and they appeared to be having a good time as their team won the match against Tampa Bay. Rangers absolutely destroyed Tampa Bay Lighting in this match, and they were in complete control the entire time. They were able to win the game in large part due to the excellent teamwork that they displayed throughout the contest. Both Mika Zibanejad and Barclay Goodrow contributed to their teams today with outstanding performances and strong contributions. In this game, Mika Zibanejad scored two goals, which were the contributing factors in the Rangers’ victory over Tampa Bay. The New York Rangers outperformed the Tampa Bay Lightning in every way possible on this particular day.

In the first period of the game, neither of the teams scored, but in the second period, the Rangers and the Lightning each scored one goal and tied the score at 1-1. Zibanejad scored the game’s opening goal for the Rangers during the middle frame of the second stanza. The Lightning’s Steven Stamkos scored the game’s opening goal in the second period as his team had the advantage of a power play.



Zibanejad scored once more for the Rangers on a power play opportunity in the third period of the game, bringing the score to 2-1 in favor of the Rangers. After he had finished, Barclay Goodrow of the Rangers scored his first goal as well as his team’s third and final goal with nine minutes left on the clock, bringing the score to 3-1 and giving the Rangers the victory over the Lightning.

Following the game, Mika Zibanejad shared his thoughts that, “The way we played tonight is a lot how we want to play and to trust ourselves and trust the system; We did a good job tonight, and we have to keep doing that.”

Mike Zibanejad had a good time throughout his stay in New York Rangers, and he made some of his most successful records while he was here. During the 2021-22 season, he gave it his all and was successful in setting a number of outstanding records. This season, he scored 81 points, which is the most points he has ever scored in his career. During this entire period, he was responsible for 29 goals and 52 assists. He carried himself in the top power-play unit for the New York Rangers and was considered one of the greatest quarterbacks for the team. During the 2022-2023 season, he did not slow down and played to the best of his abilities. He started his season by scoring two goals against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a game that lasted 23 minutes and 13 seconds. It was tied for the second most among the Rangers. He was given a number of significant scoring chances while on the Rangers’ power play unit, and he ultimately scored the goal that won the game in the dying seconds of regulation time. It was just a match, but he had many more matches coming up, and if he played like this in the other matches, then it will be another amazing year for him. He even has the ability to shatter his own records, and he will set new marks in the future. People are aware of his capabilities, therefore if he did this, it would not come as a surprise to anyone else because they know what he is capable of doing.

The next encounter for the New York Rangers is scheduled to take place at the Xcel Energy Center on Friday, October 14 at 6:00 AM.

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