Morocco defeated Belgium 2-0 in their second match of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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Following Morocco‘s victory over Belgium in their second encounter at the FIFA World Cup 2022, the North African nation’s expectations for the tournament have been rekindled. At the Al Thumama Stadium on the evening of Sunday, November 27, at seven o’clock in the evening, the match between Morocco and Belgium got underway. The final score of this match was 2-0 in Morocco’s favor, and they came away with three points as a result of their victory. On the other side, it was a significant letdown for Belgium, who now face the possibility of being eliminated from the World Cup as a result of this loss. The game between these two teams and their fans was a tight one; however, Morocco just stunned everyone by scoring goals in the second half of the contest. Despite the fact that the stadium was packed with fans from both Belgium and Morocco, the game did not go in Belgium’s favor, and they came away with a loss. The fans from Morocco celebrated their victory with glee.

Morocco’s performance today was outstanding, as they held their own against Belgium’s formidable challenge. Throughout the entirety of the match, Belgium held control of the ball for 67% of the time, while Morocco only had 33% of the time. Belgium had a pass completion percentage of 88 percent, awarded 9 corners, and had a total of 651 successful passes. On the other side, Morocco finished the game with 328 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 83% on their passes, and only one corner kick awarded. This match had a lot of fouls, with Belgium committing 10 fouls and Morocco committing 14 fouls. Overall, this match had a lot of misconduct. During this match, each team received one yellow card as a warning for their actions. In spite of the fact that Belgium had the most possession of the ball, the most passes, the highest pass accuracy, and the most corners, they were unable to score goals, which was the most important statistic. On the other hand, Morocco was effective at scoring goals, which allowed them to emerge victorious from this contest. At the conclusion of the match, the only thing that matters is who scored more goals, and Morocco finished the game with the victory.

The entirety of Morocco’s two goals in this contest were the only ones to find the back of the net. In the first half of play, neither team was able to find the back of the net. Even though Belgium gave it their all to score goals in the first half, they were unable to do so because Morocco’s defense held strong. The score was knotted up at zero apiece after the first period.

Zakaria Aboukhlal
Zakaria Aboukhlal celebrates after scoring the final goal for Morocco.

In the second half, efforts were made by both teams to score goals, but Belgium was unable to do so despite their best efforts. On the other side, Morocco did not have many chances, but they made the most of the ones they did have and scored goals, which allowed them to win the match. Free kick taken by Morocco in the 73rd minute of the match resulted in a spectacular goal for their team. This absolutely incredible free kick was taken by Abdelhamid Sabiri and Romain Saiss just touch the ball, and the ball found its way into the back of the net of Belgium. After 90 minutes of play, the score was 1-0 in favor of the Morocco. Zakaria Aboukhlal scored the second goal for Morocco in the extra time period at the 90+2 minute mark of the match. The final result was 2-0 in favor of Morocco, who were the victorious team.

As a result of their two wins, Morocco is currently in second place in the point table for Group F. They have a total of four points. One of these two matches ended in a draw, and they did win the other. After playing two matches, Croatia is now in top place with four points. After two matches, Belgium has accumulated a total of three points and now sits in third place on the point table. Of their two matches, Belgium has won one and lost one.

At the Al Thumama Stadium on Thursday, December 1, Morocco will play Canada in their third encounter of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The match will begin at 9:00 pm.

Morocco vs Belgium

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 2


Belgium 0 0




Romain Saiss – (Morocco) – 73’

Zakaria Aboukhlal – (Morocco) – 90+2′

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