Richarlison’s two goals led Brazil past Serbia 2-0 in their opening 2022 FIFA World Cup encounter.

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Today, Richarlison stunned everyone with his astounding accomplishments. As a result of him scoring twice, Brazil won their opening encounter of the FIFA World Cup 2022 against Serbia by a score of 2-0. Around the Lusail Stadium on Thursday, 24 November, at 1.00 am, the contest between these two teams got underway. The stadium was packed with Brazilian fans cheering on their team. They had a lot of fun watching the game, especially because their favorite team ended up winning the match against Serbia. This match was won by Brazil thanks to their outstanding performance, which brought smiles to the faces of everyone in the arena.

Brazil held 59% of the game’s possession, while Serbia held only 41% of the game’s possession. During this match, Brazil had a pass completion percentage of 86%, finished with 577 successful passes, and was granted 6 corner kicks. On the other hand, Serbia finished the game with 408 successful passes, a pass accuracy of 79%, and 4 corners awarded to them. Even though Serbia had a pretty good performance in this match, they just couldn’t pull off the victory because their luck just wasn’t with them. They gave Brazil a run for their money, but in the end they were unable to pull off a victory over them. Both of Brazil’s goals in this encounter were among the total of two goals that were scored.

Neither team was able to find the back of the net throughout the first half of the match, although making strong efforts to do so. Neither team was able to score a goal. During the first half, Serbia performed exceptionally well, and it was clear that Brazil had a difficult time competing against Serbia. In the first half, they had a hard time putting the ball in the back of the net. The score was knotted up at zero goals apiece after the first period.

Richarlison, the man who led Brazil win over Serbia.

In the second half, Brazil started attacking, and they did not offer Serbia any opportunities to score. In the second half of the match, there was a significant advantage for one team over the other. Although Brazil was unable to score a number of goals in the first half, they were successful in scoring two goals in the second half.

After 62 minutes of play, the game’s first goal was finally scored. Richarlison scored an outstanding goal in that contest. Vinicius junior was the one who was responsible for making this achievement attainable. In the beginning, he attempted to score by kicking the ball for the goal, but the goalkeeper for Serbia was able to save it. Unfortunately, Richarlison had the ball in contact and kicked it back to the net of Serbia. Brazil was currently ahead by a score of 1-0 at this point in the match.

At the 73rd minute mark, Vincius junior provided an amazing assist to Richarlison, who then grabbed the ball and scored an incredible goal that stunned everyone in the world of football. The joyous cheering could be heard across the entirety of the stadium. The game-winning goal for Brazil came in this final minute of play. After that, no further goals were scored by either team. Brazil came out on top with a final score of 2-0 in their favor against their opponent.

Vincius junior was the one who was responsible for making it possible for both goals and the victory. He was the Brazilian player that was responsible for the creation of the two most chances for his team. He was on the field for 76 minutes, won 5 duels, made 2 tackles, and had an accuracy rate of 82% with his passes. He had one assist, completed four crucial passes, successfully finished two dribbles, and completed four important passes. Within the context of this contest, he displayed an outstanding performance. Every single Brazilian player gave it their absolute best effort in the hope of bringing home the victory. They demonstrated their domination across the board in the football world.

Brazil currently holds the top spot in the Group G points table. They moved up to the first place with three points thanks to this victory. Within this group, Switzerland currently holds the second position. The match between Brazil and Switzerland is scheduled to take place at the Stadium 974 (Rass Abou Aboud) on Monday, November 28, at 10 p.m.

Brazil vs Serbia

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 2


Serbia 0 0




Richarlison – (Brazil) – 62’, 73’

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