Saudi Arabia Smashed Argentina 2-1 in FIFA World Cup 2022.

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In the FIFA World Cup 2022, Saudi Arabia startled Argentina with a score of 2-1, which caught everyone off guard around the globe. Before the contest, nobody would have had any notion that Saudi Arabia would end up dominating Argentina in this match. At four o’clock on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 22nd, the match got underway at the Lusail Stadium in front of thousands of supporters from both teams. Due to the fact that they were defeated in the match, Argentina and its fans had a really terrible day. They never anticipated the contest would turn out the way it did. The disappointment was evident on the faces of the Argentina fans as they exited the stadium. On the other side, it was a fantastic day for Saudi Arabia and their supporters as a result of their victory in the match, which came as a complete shock to everyone.

Argentina had possession of the ball for 70 percent of the game, while Saudi Arabia held it for only 30 percent of the time. Argentina had a total of 595 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 85% on their passes, with 9 corners awarded to them. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia completed 265 passes, with a pass accuracy of 67%, and only awarded 2 corners to their opponents. During the course of this encounter, there were a number of fouls committed, with Saudi Arabia committing 21 fouls and Argentina committing only 7 fouls. Six yellow card were given to Saudi Arabia players. On the other hand, Argentina committed a significant number of offsides during this match. During the course of this match, they committed a total of 10 offsides, whereas Saudi Arabia was only responsible for one. Despite Argentina’s overall excellence in all categories, they were unable to find the back of the net. In this particular instance, Saudi Arabia was superior to Argentina and emerged victorious from the competition.

Mohammad Alowais was awarded the Player of the Match trophy for his outstanding performance in this game.

During the course of this encounter, a total of three goals were scored, with Argentina contributing one goal and Saudi Arabia contributing two goals. There was only one goal scored during the first half of the contest, and it was scored by Argentina. A foul was committed within Saudi Arabia’s penalty box at the 8-minute mark of the game. After consulting the VAR, the referee determined that the foul had been committed by Saudi Arabia and gave Argentina a penalty kick as a result of the infraction. Lionel Messi capitalized on the chance presented to him and converted the resulting penalty kick into a goal when the game was 10 minutes old. At the end of the first half, the score was 1-0, with Argentina maintaining their lead. Argentina was presented with a number of chances to score goals throughout this match, but they were unable to do so. Even though they scored some goals, none of them counted because they were disallowed for being scored from an offside position. During the course of this match, Argentina committed a significant number of offsides.

The tides shifted in the second half of the game, and Saudi Arabia took the initiative to put themselves in front of their opponents. The second half saw two goals scored, both of which were scored by Saudi Arabia. They have just given Argentina a rude awakening with their performance. They had very little trouble getting through Argentina’s defense and scored goals, which allowed them to win the match. Saleh Alshehri scored the first goal of the match for Saudi Arabia after 48 minutes had elapsed since the game’s start. He scored an outstanding goal in those situation. The score is currently 1-1 after both teams have had a chance to score. Salem Aldawsari scored the game-winning goal for Saudi Arabia at 53 minutes of the game. They just blew everyone’s minds and gained the lead, which ultimately led to them winning the match. In the second half, a tough Argentina team gave it their all to score goals, but they were unable to do so due to strong defense by Saudi Arabia and a strong performance by their goalkeeper. The final score was Saudi Arabia’s favor, 2-1. Saudi Arabia had a little advantage in terms of shots on goal. They should be very pleased with themselves for winning.

Saudi Arabia celebrated their win against Argentina.

M. Al Owais, the goalkeeper for Saudi Arabia, turned up an outstanding performance today. He prevented a couple of goals from being scored throughout this encounter, which ultimately led to Saudi Arabia’s victory in this match. For his outstanding performance he was awarded Player of the Match trophy. The Saudi Arabian players, including the goalkeeper, defenders, and the rest of the team, gave their very best performances in order to demonstrate to the rest of the world that they are not a fragile nation. Their performance was outstanding throughout the entirety of the match. Saudi Arabia’s head coach Herve Renard was the one who made this day a successful one.

As a result of Saudi Arabia’s victory in the match, they have moved to the top of the point table for Group C and have collected three points. Because of their defeat, Argentina is in last place at this point in the competition. Mexico will be Argentina’s opponent in the following match, which will take place at the Lusail Stadium on November 27 at 1:00 am. In Saudi Arabia’s next encounter, which will take place at the Education City Stadium on the 26th of November, Saturday at 7:00 pm, Poland will be their opponent.

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina

1st Half

2nd Half

Full Time

Saudi Arabia

1 0


Argentina 0 2




Lionel Messi – (Argentina) – 10′ (Penalty)

Saleh Alshehri – (Saudi Arabia) – 48′

Salem Aldawsari – (Saudi Arabia) – 53′

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