Scott McTominay’s late goal after 90 minutes helped Man United to a dramatic win over Omonoia.

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In the Europa League encounter that took place on Thursday at Old Trafford Stadium, Man United defeated Omonoia 1-0 despite the fact that Scott McTominay scored the game’s only goal in the 90+3 minute extra time. Everyone was taken aback by Manchester United’s victory, as nobody imagined that Omonoia could be won in such a manner. Many people did not like this win as Manchester United needed more than 90 minutes to score and win the match. Even though it was nothing new for Manchester United, prior to this encounter they had a record for scoring late goals that won matches in the Europa League.

As a direct consequence of the fact that this match took place on Man United’s home turf, thousands of the club’s supporters were present to see it. On the other hand, many were disappointed because they anticipated that Manchester United would win the match by scoring more goals. However, after playing for the full 90 minutes, they were unable to score a single goal, which caused both them and their fans to worry about whether or not they would end up winning the match. But when all was said and done, they emerged victorious, albeit not in a manner that fully satisfied their expectations.

Scott McTominay scored the winning goal in extra time.

Throughout the course of this encounter, Manchester United had numerous opportunities to score goals, but they failed to capitalize on each of those opportunities. Throughout the entirety of the match, they had the highest possession rate of 78%, and their pass accuracy percentage was also 88%. On the other hand, Omonoia only had 22% of the possession and 59% of pass accuracy during the game. In this match, Manchester United completed 745 passes, whereas Omonoia only managed to complete 213. The fact that Manchester United failed not score a single goal in the ninety minutes of the match was a particularly unfortunate turn of events for the team.

At the 90+3 minute mark, Scott McTominay took an opportunity and scored the game’s first and only goal to win it. This was after the referee had signaled for extra time play after the initial 90 minutes of play. The fact that McTominay came in as a replacement during this game is the most intriguing aspect of this whole affair. Nobody anticipated that he would be able to contribute as much to the success of the group as he did. The choice that Erik ten Hag made to play McTominay despite the fact that he was injured was brilliant, and everyone applauds him for it.

Scott McTominay celebrates after the winning goal.

Even though he was the team’s most experienced and important player, Cristiano Ronaldo still did not manage to score any goals. Ronaldo experienced an exceptionally difficult and disheartening campaign this year. Everyone is rooting for him to get on the scoresheet once more and lead his side back to the championship level. In some matches Ronaldo was on the bench which was not likable by many of his fans. People wanted him play and score goals so that he can contribute his club.

Following this victory, Manchester United are now in second place in Group E of the Europa League. They have a total of nine points, having won three matches and losing only one of those matches. Real Sociedad currently holds the top spot in the league with a total of 12 points after a perfect run in which they did not suffer a single loss in any of their matches.

The Premier League match between Man United and Newcastle will take place at Old Trafford on Sunday, October 16 at 7 p.m.

Man United vs Omonoia

1st Half

2nd Half

Full Time

Man United

0 1 1
Omonoia 0 0



Scott McTominay – (Man United) – 90+3’


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