Senegal lost to the Netherlands 2-0 without Sadia Mane on the team in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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The match between Senegal and the Netherlands took place at the Al Thumama Stadium on Monday, November 21, at 10.00 pm. In this particular encounter, the Netherlands prevailed against Senegal by a score of 2-0 in the game’s final few of minutes. This is the third match that has been played so far in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Senegal and the Netherlands both had incredibly strong performances in this match, but unfortunately for Senegal, they were unable to come out on top and ended up losing. The stadium was filled with thousands of cheering supporters who had come to see their beloved team compete and ultimately prevail. The fact that Sadio Mane was unable to participate in the match is a significant blow to Senegal’s chances of winning. If he had participated, the outcome of the game might have been different in favor of Senegal.

Throughout the entirety of the match, Senegal held only 46% of the possession while the Netherlands held 54% of it. During this match, Senegal had a pass acuuracy 79%, had completed 385 passes, and was granted 6 corners. On the other hand, the Netherlands finished the game having completed 436 passes, with an accuracy of 81% on their passes, and having been granted 7 corners. The Netherlands were successful in winning the match because they excelled in all facets of the game, particularly their ability to score goals, which contributed to their victory. The Netherlands were responsible for both of the goals that were scored in this encounter, and both of those goals were scored in the second half of the match.

Both teams had incredibly strong performances in the first half, but none of them were able to score a goal. Both teams put forth tremendous efforts to find the back of the net, but they were unsuccessful. The score was knotted up at zero goals apiece after the first period.

Cody Gakpo scored the opening goal for the Netherlands.

It was absolutely necessary for either team to score a goal in the second half in order to win the match, however at the beginning of the second half of the game, neither team was able to do so. Despite the fact that the Netherlands won the game against Senegal thanks to two goals scored in the match’s final couple of minutes. Cody Gakpo scored the game’s opening goal wat 84 minutes mark in the contest. The final score of the match was 1-0, with the Netherlands holding a lead over their opponents after 90 minutes. At the 90+9 minute mark of the game, Davy Klaassen scored an outstanding goal with his head during the extra time that was played. The final result of the match was 2-0, which was a victory for the Netherlands.

Cody Gakpo scored an excellent head goal.

Due to the fact that Sadio Mane, one of Senegal’s most talented players, could not play for his country in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the African nation was doomed to have a poor showing at the tournament. When Sadio Mane competed for Bayern Munich in their final game before the World Cup, he suffered a terrible injury to the right fibula of his head. The severity of his injuries led everyone to believe that he would not be able to play in the opening World Cup match against the Netherlands. Aliou Cisse, the head coach for Senegal at the World Cup, was under the impression that he would be able to compete in the remaining matches. It came as a huge surprise to learn that earlier this week, Team Doctor Manuel Afonso announced at a news conference that “Unfortunately, today’s MRI says his recovery has not been as encouraging as we had hoped and we have decided to declare Sadio Mane’s withdrawal from the World Cup.” In a subsequent statement, Bayern Munich provided additional information regarding the severity of Sadio Mane’s injury, which required surgical intervention. According to a statement released by the club on Friday, “Sadio Mane underwent successful surgery in Innsbruck by Prof Christian Fink and Dr Andy Williams from London on Thursday evening. During the operation, a tendon was reattached to the head of his right fibula. The FC Bayern forward will therefore no longer be available to play for Senegal at the World Cup and will begin his rehab in Munich in the next few days.”

Due to the defeat, Senegal has dropped to the third spot in the Group A standings. Because of the defeat, they collected zero points for the competition. On the other hand Netherlands got 3 points after the win against Senegal. They are now at the first position of the point table of Group A. The upcoming match between Senegal and Qatar is scheduled to take place at the Al Thumama Stadium on Friday, November 25, at 7:00 pm. On the same date Netherlands will face Ecuador at 10.00 pm at Khalifa International Stadium.

Senegal vs Netherlands

1st Half 2nd Half Full Time


0 2


Netherlands 0 0




Cody Gakpo – (Netherlands) – 84’

Davy Klaassen – (Netherlands) – 90+9’

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