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The Green Bay Packers were able to keep their playoff hopes alive with a 24-12 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

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At Lambeau Field Stadium on the 19th of December, Monday, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 24-12. This victory was a terrific showing for the Packers. In order for the Packers to continue playing in the playoffs, it was critical for them to win this match. The stadium was packed to capacity with Green Bay Packers fans who were rooting for their favorite team to prevail in this game.

When the Packers scored 14 crucial points in the third quarter, the game was completely turned around for them. They completely decimated the Rams in a single moment. In this particular period, the Rams were only able to add six points to their total. The Packers scored three points in the first quarter, while the Rams were held scoreless in that period. Seven points were scored by the Packers in the second quarter, while six points were scored by the Rams. The fourth and final quarter of the game ended with neither team being able to score any points. The Green Bay Packers came out on top in the game thanks to their total score of 24, which was higher than the Los Angeles Rams’ total score of 12, which was lower.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers finished the game having completed 22 of 29 passes for 229 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. His overall mark on the pass-fail scale was 95.3. RB Aaron Jones completed one touchdown on 17 carries for a total of 90 yards, in addition to four receptions for 36 yards. RB Eleven of AJ Dillon’s carries went for a total of 36 yards, and he scored two touchdowns. In addition to that, he brought in three catches for a total of 35 yards.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers, the MVP of the match.

Romeo Doubs, who plays wide receiver for the team, returned from an ankle injury to participate in this match. Because of his injuries, he was unable to participate in any of the five preceding matches. During this game, he was responsible for five receptions that went for 55 yards. Wide Receiver Christian Watson had five receptions for a total of 55 yards, for an average of 11.0 yards per catch.

Both AJ Dillon and Allen Lazard of the Packers had to depart the game due of injuries. David Bakhtiari, the Packers’ offensive tackle, has now missed consecutive games due to injury. He is currently in the process of recuperating from having his appendix removed.

Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Rams, completed 12 of 21 passes for 111 yards, scoring one touchdown and throwing one interception. It was determined that he had a rating of 67.8. Cam Akers, the running back, carried the ball 12 times for 65 yards, good for an average of 5.4 yards per carry. Additionally, he had three receptions for a total of thirty-five yards.

Jake Gervase, who plays running back for the Rams, suffered an ankle injury during the first half of the game and had to leave the game immediately. DT Due to an ankle injury, Aaron Donald, who has won the defensive player of the year award three times running, was unable to participate in this game. He had a streak of three consecutive games in which he was absent. Due to an ankle injury, defensive tackle Marquise Copeland was unable to participate in the game as well. LB The hip injury that Travin Howard was suffering with caused him to miss the game, and DB The groin issue that David Long Jr. was suffering from caused him to miss the game.

RAMS’s defense was subpar throughout this match, which was one of the many reasons the team ended up coming out on the losing end of the competition. They are helpless in front of the Packers’ defense, which is another reason why they are unable to gain more points in this match. The Packers, on the other hand, did an outstanding job in the third quarter by demolishing the defense of the Rams and gaining more points than the Rams, which allowed them to win this match.

Green Bay Packers vs Los Angeles Rams


2 3 4


Green Bay Packers


7 14 0 24
Los Angeles Rams 0 6 6 0



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