Tottenham defeated Everton 2-0 in their Premier League encounter.

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On Saturday, October the 15th, Tottenham defeated Everton 2-0 at their home stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Harry Kane added another goal to his tally in this encounter, bringing his total in the Premier League to 9 goals after 10 games played. In the Premier League, he has moved up to the second spot on the list of players with the most goals scored. Erling Haaland now holds the number one spot in the Premier League scoring charts after tallying 15 goals in just nine games played.

From the very beginning of the game, Tottenham was able to exert their superiority against Everton. They were in complete command of the game and performed exceptionally well, which led to them beating Everton in a match that they ultimately won. Everton only had 38% of the possession whereas Tottenham had 62% of it throughout the game. Tottenham won. During the course of their game, Tottenham had 583 successful passes, an accuracy rating of 88% on their passes, and 7 corners. Everton, on the other hand, had a total of 367 successful passes, an accuracy rate of 81% on their passes, and only one corner during the entire contest. In each and every category, Tottenham excelled, but when it came to scoring goals, they were head and shoulders above Everton. Tottenham’s overall performance was fairly solid. The odds were stacked against Everton winning this match against Tottenham.

This game had a total of 2 goals scored, with both of those goals being scored by Tottenham in the second half of the contest. In the 1st half no goal scored and 1st half ended with the score of 0-0. The match finished with the score of 2-0 in favor of Tottenham who just won the match.

Harry Kane scored the match-winning goal.

Both teams played really well and did not allow the other to have any opportunities to score throughout the first half of the match. As a result, no team was able to score a goal during this period. After the break, Tottenham were awarded a penalty, and Harry Kane capitalized on the opportunity to add another goal to his stats. At the 59-minute mark, he converted the penalty shot to score the game’s first goal. It turned out to be the winning goal for Tottenham. After that, Pierre Emile Hojbjerg scored the second goal for Tottenham in the 86th minute of the game, which ultimately secured a win for Tottenham over Everton. At this time in the game, the score was 2-0, and after this point, there were no more goals scored.

Throughout the entirety of the encounter, Tottenham held a possession percentage of 62%. On the other side, Everton controlled the ball for 38 percent of the time during this encounter. Everton turned in a really strong performance, but unfortunately for them, Tottenham was able to seize complete command of the situation and win the game. This match resulted in a total of five yellow cards being sent out, with only one being issued to Tottenham and Everton receiving the remaining four.

An excellent goal by Pierre Emile Hojbjerg.

Tottenham is currently in third place in the Premier League Point Table with 23 points after playing 10 matches, seven of which they won, two of which they tied, and one of which they were defeated in. As of the end of the first nine matches, Arsenal are in first place with 24 points, and Manchester City are in second place with 23 points.

The next game that Tottenham will play in the Premier League will be on Thursday, October 20 at 1.15 in the morning when they travel to Old Trafford to take on Man United.

Tottenham vs Everton

1st Half

2nd Half


Tottenham 0 2



0 0




Harry Kane – (Tottenham) – 59’ (P)

Pierre Emile Hojbjerg – (Tottenham) – 86’

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